Suboxone Is It Too Expensive? 6 Ways To Cut Script Costs

You're ready to get off opiates, and you've decided that medication-assisted treatment is the way to go. But how are you going to pay for your Suboxone prescription?

Whether you're uninsured, underinsured, or have insurance, paying for the drug component of medication-assisted therapy (such as Suboxone) can be a difficult undertaking. Workit's aim is to make high-quality addiction treatment more accessible to everyone, and we're always here to fight for you to get the treatment you need.

When you join Workit Clinic, our medically assisted treatment collaboration, you gain access to a personal care team of professionals that are ready and able to assist you in overcoming any financial obstacles that may arise.

However, there are several basic actions that anyone can do to make all medications more reasonable, particularly Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone).

1. Become well-versed with your insurance policy's ins and outs (if you have it). online subutex doctors

Insurance plans can be perplexing (no matter which of the 50 million you have), and deciphering all of the terms and percentages isn't exactly exciting. It is, however, definitely worth the effort. Knowing what your insurance covers allows you to make the most financially sensible healthcare decisions possible, ensuring that you can make informed decisions about your addiction treatment, medicine, and other medical options. Where do I begin? Your insurer is required by law to furnish you with a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), which must be written in plain, easy-to-understand language.

Plan a question blitz with Workit Wisdom! You've got questions, and you're looking for solutions! Make a note of all the questions you have about your plan, from the simple (How much is my copay to see a primary care physician?) to the complex and even hypothetical (How much would it cost if I need to change my medication in the middle of the month?). When you're through, rank them in order of importance. Set up some time (at least an hour) to dial the number on the back of your insurance card and ask all of the questions on your list. Take detailed notes and repeat back replies until you're 99 percent sure you understand the question. Make a demand! Be unyielding. The stakes are really high.

2. What if you don't have health insurance? Make use of a no-cost medicine card! online subutex doctors

Who? Anyone who does not have prescription drug coverage via their insurance or who pays full retail price even if they do have coverage through their insurance (such as during Medicare donut holes, under High Deductible Health Plans) How? Simply download the card at and present it to your pharmacy as a voucher when purchasing your prescription. There are no limits on drugs with this card. Where? Most large chain pharmacies; use their pharmacy locator to find yours. Benefits? 15-20% on brand-name medications and 40-75 percent on generics

3. Do some research on medicine prices. online subutex doctors

You'll be better able to budget for your medications and, in certain situations, negotiate with your pharmacist if you have a good understanding of what to expect in terms of price. Some pharmacies may provide you with a rough estimate over the phone. Easy Drug Card Price Checker, Good Rx, and official state resources like as are other useful online tools for estimations and comparisons.

4. Prepare yourself mentally for sticker shock. online subutex doctors

Remember that addiction is a cunning little monster that is continuously looking for ways to entice you back into its clutches and away from recovery. While cost is an important consideration, it is one that you can overcome! You've already found the will, and we'll work together to find a solution. You've earned it.

5. Maintain a sense of proportion when it comes to the pricing. online subutex doctors
Many of us at Workit who have gone through medication-assisted therapy have found it beneficial to remember to compare the cost of the meds to the cost of our addictions, which were both financially and in a variety of other ways.
6. Make sure it's legal. You've earned it. online subutex doctors

Stuff's tempting to buy it on the street, but there are so many hidden expenses and drawbacks! To begin with, it's dangerous since you have no idea what's in it and you're no longer under the supervision of a doctor. Second, it can expose you to triggers (people, places, and things) that make staying in recovery much more difficult. Finally, given of the unlawful aspect, many people feel it to be a source of shame and concealment. The bottom line is that you should invest in yourself because it will pay off for the rest of your life. To be honest, you've earned it.

Suboxone Is It Too Expensive? 6 Ways To Cut Script Costs
Suboxone Is It Too Expensive? 6 Ways To Cut Script Costs

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